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Terms & Conditions

This report is not a guarantee, warranty, evolution or an appraisal, but contains the character of the gem/jewellery described herein, which has been graded, tested, examined and analyzed by SGL carefully with specialized instruments, under 10x magnification, including fully corrected triplet Loupe, Binocular Microscope, Color Master Stone Comparison, Electronic Carat Paiance and ancillary instruments necessary.

This report is based on subjective options. SGL, or any member of its staff, is not able for any discrepancy which may result from the applications of other grading method. This report is provided on the request of the customer &/ or the owner of the gems/jewllery and avoid if any alternations(s) is/are made to the gems/jewellery, or to the report itself. Any claim by the client or any person for the damages gems/jewellery, or damages resulting directly or indirectly from this report, the liability of SGL shall be limited to the amount is receivers as fees, in connection with this report all matters, disputes or references subject to jurisdictions within the state of Delhi.